wow- I need some

well Ok I don’t need this but I am a techy who digs this stuff – like it a lot…….

for those of you not bored a lighter hearted British system……

One thought on “wow- I need some”

  1. Great….except that if people stop using their own memories then their memorising ability might just shrivel up. People can’t do mental arithmetic anymore because they’ve got calculators. The subconscious owns 90% of the mind and it differentiates not between what is known as truth or falsehood but gives in to stimulus repetition, whatever that might be – hence Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote ” a man is what he does every day”. If the human mind – which is organically supported and adapts neuronally to it’s environment, adapts to augmented reality will it be able to cope when that is stripped away? Not that I am a pessimist or anything.

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