tabless thursday

I was sitting working on a document with my sons today when the older one who has the super new computer was finding it on the go slow compared to the 5+ year old windows machine the younger one was using and the cheap chromebook I was using. His was more expensive than either but was literally taking minutes to catch up with the google doc we were working on and on the same router……….

He blamed too many tabs
This is for you

the expert

In my life doing techy work for people I have had many conversations like this where the bluesky thinker cannot perceive that the laws of physics apply to them

“You canny change the laws of physics captain!”

or that they want to know why they cannot do something, when you cannot shove years of coding knowledge into their heads they assume you are incompetent

people have a habit of ganging up on the techy person – spouting negativity to hide their own lack of understanding

this particular one ends up with the techy agreeing to the impossible – perhaps that is where I fail……..